Discovering the Heart of Buddhism     


Discovering the Heart of Buddhism is an inspiring and comprehensive introduction to the heart of the Buddha’s teaching and meditation practice. It will help you to discover and explore the essence of Buddhism through your own experience in meditation and daily life.

Because of its unique exploratory approach, Discovering the Heart of Buddhism is ideal for those encountering Buddhism for the first time or for experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their understanding and practice.

Working through the home study materials, with the support and help of your contact person, will help you become calmer and more self-aware, with a greater sense of direction and purpose.

Discovering the Heart of Buddhism was created by Lama Shenpen Hookham, a Buddhist practitioner and meditator who has been the student of some of the foremost teachers in the Tibetan Kagyu and Nyingma traditions. The course uses familiar language and a “western” approach, but is based on the principles of Mahamudra and Dzogchen – the very heart of Tibetan Buddhist teaching.